REBEL Fighting Championship 

REBEL Fighting Championship’s (“REBEL FC”) starts off the new year with a significant milestone. REBEL FC not only became the first Southeast Asian Mixed Marital Arts (MMA) sports entertainment company to host an event in Europe, it also became the first Southeast Asian MMA promotion to sell out an MMA event in Europe on 11 Jan 2020 at the Wings of Soviet Sports Hall in the vicinity of the iconic Red Square in Moscow, Russia with REBEL FC X – The New Order (勇启新征). 

The event lived up to its hype showcasing the best of China, which is in line with REBEL FC’s vision to groom Chinese MMA superstars into world beaters, and the best of REBEL FC’s co-organisers from Russia.

“I am very pleased with the result. This is the first time we are hosting an event outside Asia and to have a sellout crowd and two champions coming from China and Russia, is something we can take pride in and build on for REBEL FC’s roadmap of bringing China MMA into the mainstream and turn it into a powerhouse on the world stage in MMA, enthuses Justin Leong, REBEL FC CEO.

Wang Shuo.jpg
Wang Shuo-2.jpg

(Left and Right): Wang Shuo of China and Aydin Kodekov of Kazakhstan put on an energetic display of MMA worthy of their REBEL FC Bantamweight (61kg) Championship bout

The two title fights of the night lived up to its top billing. The first title fight was the inaugural Lightweight (70kg) championship bout. Gazavat Suleymanov of Russia and Yibugele exchanged several powerful punches and kicks that would kill an elephant but neither showed any signs of being daunted. Then, in a flash, Suleymanov faked a punch at Yibugele before swinging a crunching reverse elbow to Yibugele’s head, knocking him unconscious in the first round and thus, was crowned REBEL FC’s first Lightweight champion. 

The main event of the night, the Bantamweight (61kg) championship bout, which saw Wang Shuo of China defending his REBEL FC Bantamweight title against Aydin Kodekov of Kazakhstan, was another spectacular fight to savour. Both fighters showed great flair and power in their kicks and punches as well as some quick reflexes to dodge each other’s blows. With both sides committed to an attacking game, it is only a matter of time one of them got exhausted with such a vigorous gameplan. With three quarters of the second round over, Aydin momentarily let down his guard, allowing Wang Shuo to seize an opportunity to land several punches and kicks to Aydin’s head and body. The barrage of blows was too much for Aydin and he collapsed, unable to move a muscle, putting an end to a high energy match.

Gazavat Suleymanov.jpg
Wang Shuo Champ.jpg

Title Champions of Fight Night – Left: Gazavat Suleymanov of Russia, and Right: Wang Shuo of China. Alongside them is REBEL FC CEO, Justin Leong.

Russia performed very well on the night, with almost all of its MMA stars such as Vitaly Li, Abusupiyan Alikhanov and Ayub Gimbatov showing great aggression and a high degree of skill to floor or submit their rivals.

“All in all, we are very happy with this maiden collaboration and if there are further opportunities to expand China MMA’s influence overseas as well as grow the REBEL FC brand on an international scale, we are more than glad to work with our Russian partners again,” adds Justin.

The event also garnered 17 million views on popular China streaming platform, Yizhibo, which is 68 percent of REBEL FC’s 25.45 million views (a combination of views on digital platforms and unique viewers on TV) from REBEL FC 9 – Return of the Champion last year. This figure is set to rise even more dramatically as figures of REBEL FC X – The New Order’s viewership from both online and traditional broadcast platforms are confirmed in the coming weeks. 

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REBEL FC X – The New Order Full Results

International Fight 1 - Featherweight (66kg) - Anhar Kaderjiang of China Beats Stanislav Ermolov of Russia by TKO, Round 2, 2 min 36 Sec 


International Fight 2 - Featherweight (66 kg) - Ali Magomedkhanov of Russia Beats Arthur Stakhniuk of Ukraine, Round 3, unanimous decision.


International Fight 3 - Heavyweight (120kg) - Nosherwan Khanzada of Pakistan Beats Vadium Valujev of Lithuania by Americana lock (submission); Round 1, 3 min 9 Sec


International Fight 4 - Lightweight (70kg) - Anvar Alizhanov of Russia Beats Zaka Fatulladze of Sweden via rear naked choke (submission); Round 1, 1 min 52 sec 


International Fight 5 - Catchweight (74kg) - Kamil Magomedov of Russia Beats Alexander Durymanov of Russia, Round 1, 4 min 19 sec, TKO (injury) 


International Fight 6 - Heavyweight (120kg) - Glenn Sparv of Finland Beats Shannon Ritch of the USA, Round 1, 31 sec, leg lock (submission)


International Fight 7 - Catchweight (68kg) - Abdulmutalip Gayirbegov of Russia Beats Ademir Silva of Brazil, Round 3, unanimous decision 


Super Fight 1 - Middleweight (84kg) - Ayub Gimbatov of Russia beats Steven Kennedy of Australia, 2 min 34 sec, Round 1, Kimura (submission)


Super Fight 2 - Middleweight (84kg) - Abusupiyan Alikhanov of Russia beat Leonardo Sinis of Greece, 2 min 43 sec, Round 1, TKO


Super Fight 3 - Middleweight (84kg) - Vitaly Li of Russia Beats Paulo Machado of Brazil, Round 1, 2 min 50 sec, TKO


Co-Main Event - Lightweight (70kg) Title Fight - Gazavat Suleymanov of Russia Beats Yibugele of China, Round 1, 1 min 8 sec, KO (reverse elbow strike)


Main Event - Bantamweight (61kg) Title Fight - Wang Shuo of China beats Aydin Kodekov of Kazakhstan by KO, Round 2, 3 min 42 sec