• Popular UK-based Video-on-Demand service, Channel Fight, signs distribuition deal with REBEL FC. Channel Fight specialises in combat sports programmes, martial arts instruction and fight action entertainment.

• Channel Fight has the potential to reach of 300 million homes worldwide via its distribution partners and REBEL FC’s deal will enable the promotion to access this wide reach.

REBEL Fighting Championship (REBEL FC) of late has been focusing intensely on its MMA reality show plans in China as well as recruitment of top sponsorship talent from The Nielsen Company, IMG and City Football Group. This is in line with its vision of growing MMA as a mainstream sport in China.

On the international front, the promotion is also hard at work in expanding its brand name to international markets and its partnership with Channel Fight, a popular UK-based Video-on-Demand service showcasing mostly combat sports shows, martial-arts oriented instruction and fight action documentaries.


“While REBEL FC’s vision is to make MMA a mainstream sport in China, it still retains an international flavour with fighters around the world being matched against Chinese talent in our live events. Hence we are also devoting time to create awareness of the brand in overseas markets. Doing this would also give our China-born budding MMA talent and stars a global stage to shine,” explains REBEL FC CEO, Justin Leong.

“We are very pleased to welcome Rebel to our global entertainment and instructional platform dedicated to martial arts combat, training, fitness and lifestyle content. REBEL FC’s fightainment model of blending quality fights and dramatic elements is an excellent fit with our target audience,” elaborates  Peter Ruppert, Co-Founder of Channel Fight.

REBEL FC’s partnership with Channel Fight has the potential to reach 300 million households from Channel Fight’s live streaming platforms across numerous territories. 

In aforementioned live streaming platforms, Channel Fight will be a standalone streaming channel and REBEL FC’s live events will be part of Channel Fight’s library.

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