• Wicky Wang joins his colleagues with presitigious backgrounds at REBEL FC – Vivian Xia, REBEL FC’s sponsorship director, formerly of The Nielsen Company and Ophelia Yao, REBEL FC’s sponsorship manager, formerly of IMG  

• Wang joins from the UAE-owned and London-based City Football Group and assumes the role of senior sponsorship manager at REBEL FC

Hot on the heels after the recruitment of sponsorship director, Vivian Xia, previously of The Nielsen Company, and Ophelia Yao, sponsorship manager, formerly of IMG, REBEL Fighting Championship (REBEL FC), a dynamic fightainment company, has now added more stardust into its fold with the appointment of senior sponsorship manager, Wicky Wang.

Wang was previously with one of the most prominent sports conglomerates in the world, City Football Group (CFG). CFG is best known for its ownership of the successful English football team, Manchester City FC. As sales manager with CFG, Wang was responsible for bringing sponsorship opportunities to eight football clubs under CFG – Manchester City FC, Melbourne City FC, Montevideo City Torque, New York City FC, Mumbai City FC, Girona FC, Sichuan Jiuniu F.C. and Yokohama F. Marinos – in Greater China, informal term that refers to mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.

“It is very heartening to have someone from an illustrious sports property join our promotion. It shows that what we are doing for fightainment – competitive MMA matches with flair and elements of storytelling, and to introduce MMA into the mainstream in arguably the biggest sports market in the world as well as the birthplace of martial arts, China – has resonance with key people in the sports and entertainment industries,” explains REBEL FC CEO, Justin Leong. 

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Heavy hitter from CFG - Wicky Wang

“While working with the biggest football clubs in the world under CFG is something that I can be proud of, working with REBEL FC to turn its vision of making MMA a mainstream sport into reality in China is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” says Wang.

“Just like how the English Premier League (EPL) exploded in China in recent years, with China’s widely watched streaming platform, PP Sports, sealing another three-year copyright cooperation with the EPL in July of last year on top of their first three-year deal with EPL signed in 2016 worth 650 million USD, I believe REEBL FC, with its goal of bringing martial arts home by developing local MMA talent via the reality show format that is wildly popular in China, will be able to have a similar impact the EPL has in the country,” adds Wang.