REBEL Fighting Championship

REBEL Fighting Championship (REBEL FC) writes a new chapter in its young history this year not only with an announcement on its 1 March press conference this year in Shanghai to promote REBEL FC 7 – Fight for Honour by its CEO, Justin Leong, to host 8 events in China in 2018, but also unveiled a slew of partnerships with established mass media companies in China to broadcast or stream all of REBEL FC’s fight events this year live. A key media partnership is with Guangdong Sports Channel. It is the largest sports channel in southern China and owns most of the exclusive copyright rights for domestic and international sports events in Guangdong province. It is one of the leaders in the production and distribution of sports programmes in China and has a strong production team and more than 20 years of experience in sports production. REBEL FC plans to seek deals with additional channels throughout China to broaden the viewership of our events and enhance our brand. Other main media partners who have signed a deal with REBEL FC to broadcast or stream all its 8 events this year live on television, online video platforms, online video-based social networks and sports websites are:

Qinghai Television

Qinghai Television One of the biggest television stations in China, Qinghai Television also broadcasted REBEL FC’s fight event live on 2 September 2017 titled China VS The World. It was among the Top 10 viewed programmes on Chinese satellite television that night.

爱奇艺体育 logo.png

These four video-streaming platforms are the biggest video hosting and sharing sites in China and are even well-known outside of China. Tencent, a Chinese multinational company specialising in various internet-related services and products, entertainment, AI and technology both in China and globally, is one of the main investors in QiE and that allows REBEL FC events to be also exposed to Tencent’s co-venture with Sequoia Capital and Nanshan Capital, Douyu, a video-driven social networking service that is hugely popular with young gamers who livestream or share their gaming experience through this medium.


A major Chinese video-based social network with over 300 million users. It allows users to livestream their activities relating to games, sports, fashion, concerts and other lifestyle-oriented events. Viewers who tune into these livestreams can chat with the content provider and even contribute virtual currency that can be converted to real cash later on. REBEL FC’s partnership with YY is in line with the MMA organisation’s goal of creating awareness and understanding of the sport among China’s youth and developing local MMA talent in the long term through live events.


Gedoumi is one of the top MMA news and discussion websites in China and REBEL FC’s partnership with them will see the MMA organisation reach out to a wider combat sport audience in the country.

Hupu Sports (Shanghai) Media Ltd

A leading internet sports media company, Hupu Sports was founded by Shawn Cheng in the United States and registered in Shanghai's Hongkou district, Hupu now has more than 10 branches and nearly 1,000 employees. hupu.com, according to the Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone’s website (http://en.zjsfq.gov.cn/), is said to be China's largest sports website, with comprehensive services ranging from sports news and forums to social networking, e-commerce and hosting of sports events covering over 35 million sports fans every month. So far, it has independently hosted more than 170,000 sports activities in over 160 cities all over China and co-organized international events such as the Shanghai International Marathon, the NFL, the NCAA and CUBA. This is yet another fitting partnership for REBEL FC.

格斗世界 and 黑熊搏击

These two platforms are APPs that can be used on iPhones and Android-based mobile devices. They are specially made to stream combat sports to mobile phones and tablets. With most, if not all, of the Chinese audience viewing programmes on their smart devices in the digital age, teaming up with these two APP providers is a sound decision on REBEL FC’s part.

Primed for the Big Time

All 8 REBEL FC events will be broadcasted live or livestreamed during the prime-time slot in China from 7pm onwards. There will also be repeat broadcasts and recorded streaming for audiences who might not have time to watch REBEL FC events when they are aired live. Further details of the programme schedules will be released at a later date.

Breaking Viewing Records in China

Through REBEL FC’s five major MMA & Sports professional media partners and 9 broadcasting media partners, viewership of REBEL FC’s first event for 2018 on 29 April at the Kerry Hotel in Pudong district, Shanghai, REBEL FC 7 – Fight for Honour, broke REBEL FC’s previous historical records. Television viewership reached 4,500,000 viewers, including 1,290,000 from Guangdong Sports Channel, REBEL FC’s official broadcast partner in China for all its 2018 events. The total digital broadcast viewership reached 8,332,000, including 2.572,000 viewers on Yizhibo, 1,423,000 on QiE, and 1,423,000 on PPTV Sports. On social media, viewership totalled 85,362,000, with highlights including 77,800,000 hashtag views on Weibo and 7,000,000 Miaopai Video views. Mr. Justin Leong, Chief Executive Officer of Rebel, stated, “Our 7th MMA event broke all previous records, both quantitatively and qualitatively, as we witnessed a uniquely thrilling event. This success was due in no small part to the strong relationships we have developed with our media partners. We would like to extend a special thanks to these media partners that contributed so much to this success.”