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REBEL FC's maiden event at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 21 December 2013 got off to a flying start in front of a vociferous local crowd who flocked to see Singaporean heroes such as May Ooi, Syafiq Samad, Garie Tang, Andy Neo and Yong Jian Ma. The event was also sprinkled with stardust with international MMA names such as Robert 'Ruthless' Lisita and Takeshi 'Lion" Inoue, who lit up Fight Night with their explosive clash.  

fight match-up

1. Main Card – Featherweight (66kg) Division: Suman Mokhtarian (Australia) VS Mubarak Abdat (Singapore). Mokhtarian beats Mubarak, Round 3, unanimous decision

2. Preliminary Fight 1 – Flyweight (57kg) Division: Garie Tang (Singapore) VS Mohd Amir Ghafar (Malaysia). Tang beats Mohd Amir, Round 1,  1 min 21 sec; submission (armbar)

3. Preliminary Fight 2 – Welterweight (77kg) Division: Andy Neo Hong Chee (Singapore) VS He Chong Qing  (Singapore). Andy Neo beats He, Round 3, unanimous decision

4. Preliminary Fight 3 – Flyweight (57kg) Division: May Ooi (Singapore) VS Amy Adam (Australia). May Ooi beats Adam, Round 3, 6 min 38 sec, submission (rear naked choke)

5. Preliminary Fight 4 – Featherweight (66kg) Division: Mohd Bin Shafi (Singapore) VS Azman Sulaiman (Singapore). Mohd beats Azman, Round 1, 1 min 58 sec, submission (rear naked choke)

6. Preliminary  Fight 5 – Flyweight (57kg) Division: Amirul Syafiq (Malaysia) VS Shahfiez Shamsuri (Malaysia). Amirul beats Shahfiez, Round 2, 4 min 22 sec, submission (rear naked choke)

7. Preliminary Fight 6 – Lightweight (70kg) Division: Muhammad Nazri Sutari  (Singapore) VS Yong Jian Ma (Singapore). Muhammad Nazri beats Yong, Round 1, 1 min 30 sec, TKO (punches)

8. Main Card – Light Heavyweight (93kg) Division: Kim Doo Hwan (South Korea) VS Chris Hofmann (Philippines). Kim beats Hofmann, Round 1, 4 min 35 sec, TKO (punches)    

9. Main Card – Welterweight (77kg) Division: Alberto Mina (Brazil) VS Glenn Sparv (Finland). Mina beats Sparv, Round 1, 2 min 44 sec, TKO


10. Main Card - Bantamweight (61kg) Division: Taiyo Nakahara (Japan) VS Marcos Vinicius (Brazil). Nakahara beats Vinicius, Round 1, 3 min 21 sec,  TKO (punches) 

11. Co-Main Event - Lightweight (70kg) Division: Gyo Pyung Hwang (South Korea) VS Syafiq Samad (Singapore). Hwang beats Syafiq. Round 1, 42 sec, KO (flying knee)

12. Main Event - Featherweight (66kg) Division: Robert Lisita (Australia) VS Takeshi Inoue (Japan).  Lisita beats Inoue, Round 2, 8 min 19 sec, Submission (bulldog choke)

REBEL FC 1 - Into The Lion's Den.jpg