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REBEL FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP (REBEL FC) is a dynamic Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) sports entertainment company. Founded in May 2013 and headquartered in Singapore, REBEL FC is powered by a passionate, vibrant and creative team who constantly strive to revolutionize the landscape of MMA.

REBEL FC combines the storytelling element of live entertainment with the non-stop action of MMA, creating international events boasting a line-up of legendary international stars such as Miguel Torres of the United States and Takeshi “Lion” Inoue of Japan as well as MMA champions from China such as Liu Wenbo, Tang Kai, Wang Sai, Ning Guangyou and China’s No.1 ranked Bantamweight fighter and REBEL FC Champion, Ayideng Jumayi.

REBEL FC hosts all its events with MMA stars from around the world with the goal of bringing martial arts back to its birthplace – China. By bringing the biggest fights to China, REBEL FC provides a platform for Chinese MMA fighters to shine on the global MMA stage by pitting them against the best international fighters.

Our fans witness more than just a sport – each show features a blend of live bands, martial art demonstrations and pyrotechnics combined with engaging narratives that immerse our fans into how our fighters journey from being a promising prospect to an international champion.


To organize stellar events showcasing world class fighters with a creative team to develop compelling MMA content comprising of memorable fights, inspiring and heartwarming stories that appeal to all audiences.


It is about being real in everything we do and creating extraordinary experiences for our employees, business partners and the global audience. We connect every individual with their aspirations and inspire all to excel by loving what we do and doing what we love. And have crazy fun at every turn!

我们做的所有事情都秉承真实,为我们的员工,商务合作伙伴和全球观众创造非凡的体验度。 我们将每一个个体以及他们的抱负连接起来,提供一个平台让每个人热爱自己所做的,并做自己热爱的事情,最后这将会让每个人收获无法比拟的乐趣。

We live and breathe innovation and boldly go where no one has been by creating new and vibrant landscapes, challenging the status quo, reimagining possibilities and shifting mindsets.




Empowering (Winning)
We want to empower our fighters in and out of the ring as well as during and after their fight careers. We want to empower our gym and brand partners. To empower others is to give them the belief that not only can they win against the toughest challenges presented to them in life but they can sustain their winning ways and pass on the tradition of winning and success to generations to come.

赋权 (制胜)
我们想让我们的拳手们都赋权在充满无畏无约束的雄心壮志心态下进出擂台场,以及在其它战斗生涯中给予力量和每一刻。 我们希望增强我们的体育馆和品牌合作伙伴的实力。  赋予他人权力就是让他们相信,他们不仅可以克服生活中面临的最限权的挑战,而且可以维持自己的胜利方式,并将胜利和成功的观点传统传承给下一代。

Team Spirit 
At REBEL FC, we believe in working as a team towards shared goals. By helping and supporting one another, we nurture an environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging and togetherness, spurring them to up their game and bring the organisation to greater heights. We believe no man or woman shouldn’t be an island and they are all part of the REBEL FC family that can grow together, attain success as one and bring this success to everyone who love not only the REBEL FC brand, but MMA and sports in general.


REBEL FC fightainers, affiliates and even REBEL FC fans, all have inspiring stories. Through their tales of blood, sweat and tears and eventual success, we strongly believe fightainment can inspire others to change not only themselves, but the world for the better. 


Delivering best in class capabilities in every domain and driving high performance with a winning attitude, discipline and perseverance. We embrace hard work and tackle each challenge with passion and positivity



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