China VS The World: Local Heroes Victorious - Rebel Fighting Championship

REBEL FC 6 – China VS The World on 2 September 2017 at the Shenzhen Stadium in China was a huge hit with a near capacity crowd. All the local Chinese fighters in the top-billed bouts of the night came through their challenges against menacing illustrious international fighters with flying colours.

Tang Kai went up against SAFC Featherweight Champion from the Philippines, Mark Valerio. Both were not hesitant in going for the win, putting on an exciting display of punching and kicking combinations before Tang Kai floored Mark with a crunching kick to the head in the second round.

Liu Wenbo, who first fought for REBEL FC in REBEL FC 3: The Promised Ones in June 2015, returned for ‘China VS The World’, and literally butted heads with American MMA legend, Shannon “The Cannon” Ritch. Both of them had the audience in awe in the first minute of their bout when they ‘embraced’ and punched each other continuously without any attempt at defending, such is their determination to knock each other out with sheer strength.

After that intense start, the fight went to the canvas and after a sustained spell of ground and pound by Shannon, opened a bloody gash above Liu’s left eye. However, a resilient Liu turned things around by rolling under Shannon and flipping him onto the mat. Now, Liu became the hunter and he duly won by TKO with seconds left to go in the first round.

In the main event of Fight Night, Ayideng Jumayi, the top-ranked Bantamweight fighter in China, clashed with Chris Morris of Australia in their bid to be the winner of REBEL FC’s inaugural Bantamweight championship belt. Ayideng met his match in Chris, who is UCU Australian MMA Champion and FWC Australian MMA Champion. It was a bout that is unpredictable as it is thrilling. Both fighters took turns to attack and defend with an array of kicks, punches and takedowns. Neither of them was willing to give in and kept plugging away until Ayideng won by a unanimous decision after five tough and exhausting rounds. Truly an epic matchup for the ages when the dust has settled.

There was also a special showcase featuring a Wing Chun exponent, Li Zihao and Muay Thai specialist Liu Wei. Both local heroes did their respective disciplines proud. Liu attempted to knock Li out with a few powerful flying knees and elbows but Li absorbed them well and parried a few others before delivering a coup de grace when he caught Liu’s right leg and flung him to the ground in the second round. Li immediately showed his versatility by submitting Liu with a rear naked choke.

Full Results for China VS The World

International Match 1 (Middleweight, 84kg)

Glenn Sparv (格伦·斯帕夫), Finland, beat Marcus Gaines (马库斯·盖恩斯), USA, – Round 1, TKO, 1m34s

International Match 2 (Lightweight, 70kg)

Jaymes Schulte (詹梅斯·肖特), USA, beat Bernard Fung (冯本汝), Hong Kong, - Round 2, TKO, 4m29s

International Match 3 (Featherweight, 66kg)

Mehmosh Raza (梅摩斯·拉扎), UK, beat Yi Si Ma (依斯麻·阿不都), China, - Round 1, Rear Naked Choke, 4m54s

International Match 4 (Bantamweight, 61kg)

Chen Rui (陈睿), China, beat Rommel Lugo (罗梅·鲁格), Philippines – Round 1, Rear Naked Choke, 2m33s

International Match 5 (Featherweight, 66kg)

Asikerbai Jinensebieke (阿斯克尔拜·金恩斯别克), China, beat Nikolay Kondratuk (尼克雷·康恩贾克), Ukraine, - Round 1, TKO, 2m27s

Main International Fight 1 (Featherweight, 66kg)

Tang Kai (唐凯), China, beat Mark Valerio (马克·瓦莱利奥), Philippines, - Round 2, KO, 3m48s

International Match 6 (Bantamweight 61kg)

Shuhei Sakano (坂野·周平), Japan, beat Wang Daoyuan (王道元), China, - Round 1, TKO, 2m14s

Main International Fight 2 (Light Heavyweight, 93kg)

Liu Wenbo (刘文擘), China, beat Shannon Ritch (桑农·里奇), USA, - Round 1, TKO, 4m18s

Special Showcase – Wing Chun VS Muay Thai (Featherweight, 66kg)

Li Zihao (李子豪), China, beat Liu Wei (刘威), China, - Round 2, Rear Naked Choke, 4m20s

Main Event – Bantamweight (61kg) Championship Title Fight

Ayideng Jumayi(阿依登·居马依), China, beat Chris Morris(克里斯·莫里斯), Australia, - Round 5, Unanimous Decision

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