CHINA VS THE WORLD (挑战全球) - Rebel Fighting Championship

From the birthplace of martial arts and a culture that emphasises mental discipline and physical fitness, Rebel Fighting Championship (REBEL FC) will be presenting REBEL FC 6: China VS The World at the Shenzhen Stadium (深圳体育管) in Guangdong province on Saturday, 2 September 2017.

Boasting three of the top talents in the country - Liu Wen Bo, 刘文擘, (Legend FC Middleweight [84kg] Champion); Ayideng Jumayi, 阿依登·居马依, (WMMAF China champion and ranked Number 1 in the 61kg and 66kg weight classes in China) and Tang Kai, 唐凯, an explosive young talent – REBEL FC will pit them against the cream of the crop from United States of America, Australia and the Philippines. One of these China vs The World match-ups will be the main draw of the evening – Ayideng Jumayi versus Chris Morris of Australia. They will slug it out for REBEL FC’s Bantamweight title.

Aside from the three China MMA headliners, there will be also a special match between a Wing Chun fighter, Li Zi Hao 李子豪, and a Muay Thai expert Liu Wei 刘威. This clash of styles will be a thrilling spectacle for the viewers as well as provide many talking points for them about which martial art is the best.

The highlights of China Versus the World are:

- Liu Wenbo (China) vs Shannon Ritch (United States of America); Light Heavyweight (93kg)

- Ayideng Jumayi (China) vs Chris Morris (Australia) – Bantamweight (61kg) Title Fight

- Tang Kai (China) vs Mark Valerio (Philippines) – Featherweight (66kg)

- Wing Chun vs Muay Thai special showcase

Apart from the key fights mentioned above, there will be SIX other world-class bouts on the night of 2 September 2017, making China Versus the World a memorable occasion for all.


1. Liu Wen Bo (刘文擘)

Nickname: N/A 

Country: China

Association: ET Club Beijing

Height: 1.86m

Weight Class: Light Heavyweight (93kg)

Age: 34

Record: 9-7

Style: Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Accomplishments: National Youth boxing champion; Multiple winner of the China jiu-jitsu Champion; Legend Middleweight Champion


Liu Wen Bo received a rousing reception when he returned to his place of birth in Qingdao, Shandong when REBEL FC hosted its first event in China in June 2015 at the Qingdao Sports Center. Then, he fought the ferocious Adil Boranbayev of Kazakhstan to a draw. Liu was not amused by Boranbayev’s antics of employing a defensive game and taunted the Kazakh for fighting like a child.

Returning to compete in REBEL FC for a second time, Liu’s magnetic personality and flamboyance will be a sure-fire hit with the spectators. And he can walk the talk too, packing a powerful punch and a painful submission with his Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) ground skills if an opponent gets too close. His love for combat sports was evident in his formative years when he quit high school to focus on boxing fulltime. In 2006, Liu decided to branch out into MMA as he feels it is more exciting and allows room for improvisation in fighting techniques. In that time, he picked up BJJ, Sanda and wrestling to complement his boxing skills.     

Liu is a hard trainer, hitting the gym two times a day, five days a week. Liu attributes his success and longevity in combat sports to strong support from his parents, his faith in God, and a large dose of boxing combos. Outside of fighting, Liu is a Taobao online store owner, event commentator, actor and event organiser. He will be up against Shannon “The Cannon” Ritch of the United States of America.

2. Shannon Ritch (桑农·里奇)

Nickname: The Cannon

Country: United States of America

Association: Team Cannon        

Height: 1.75m

Weight Class: Light Heavyweight (93kg)

Age: 46

Record: 124-94

Style: MMA, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Accomplishments: Canada KOTC World Champion; R.U.F.F World Title; Gladiator Challenge World Champion; 2-time Badboy World Champion; Rage in the Cage World Champion

Ritch took up combat sports at the age of 10, starting from wrestling before transitioning to karate then Muay Thai and finally to 3rd degree blackbelt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ). Ritch also has a military background. He was briefly enlisted in the US Army in the early 1990s before being employed by the private military organisation Blackwater, deploying to Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan which served as a launch pad for his training in BJJ and later propelled him into the limelight of professional MMA.

Ritch is a prolific competitor, having fought for MMA promotions such as the MFC, Pancrase, K-1, PRIDE, King of the Cage and the WEC. In addition to his colourful combat sports and military careers, Ritch also has a degree in computer graphic design and even worked as a correctional officer in a prison. Ritch preferred submission techniques are chokes and armbars and a right-hand KO for his stand-up game. He leads a disciplined lifestyle, training 4 hours at the gym every day in cardio, grappling and striking. His duel with China’s Liu Wen Bo is a heavyweight battle you do not want to miss!


1. Ayideng Jumayi (阿依登·居马依)

Nickname: N/A

Country: China

Association: Longyun MMA, SAGA MMA

Height: 1.71m

Weight Class: Bantamweight (61kg)

Age: 26

Record: 16-3

Style: Boxing

Accomplishments: WMMAF China Champion; Ranked No.1 in 61kg and 66kg categories in China     


Ayideng credits MMA with bringing him to the right path. He got into fights many times when he was school and these constant clashes nearly led him astray. Determined to make a living the right way, he enrolled in Urumqi sports school in Xinjiang, the place of his birth. There, he developed into a lethal professional MMA practitioner and has since made a stable career out of the sport, which also enabled him to support his family.

Although ranked No.1 in the bantamweight and featherweight categories in China, this is the first time Ayideng will be participating in a title fight with the prestigious REBEL FC bantamweight belt being the ultimate prize and he is excited to be part of this matchup against the formidable Chris Morris of Australia. While his base is primarily boxing with the overhand right as the preferred technique, he can pull off a killer rear naked choke if the game ever goes to ground.     

2. Chris Morris (克里斯·莫里斯)

Nickname: Kewl Bonez

Country: Australia

Association: Southside MMA, Arena MMA

Height: 1.7m

Weight Class: Bantamweight (77kg)

Age: 32

Record: 11-6

Style: MMA

Accomplishments: 2-time Reign Fighting Championship Australian MMA Champion; UCU Australian MMA Champion; FWC Australian MMA Champion

Bruce Lee played a pivotal role in getting Chris hooked on martial arts. He was 11 years old when he saw the late superstar’s “Enter the Dragon” and was inspired to learn the sport. He began with taekwondo (TKD), attaining a blackbelt before practising what Bruce Lee preached, mixing other martial art styles with his TKD base. He competed in his first MMA tournament 8 years ago and never looked back.

Chris worked as a boatbuilder before his professional MMA career and is stoked to be fighting in China as well as going up against the No.1 ranked Ayideng Jumayi in the Bantamweight class. He wants to put on a show for the Chinese audience and is bringing his A game to the table. Outside of professional fighting, Chris is an advocate for a foundation called ALIVE, a charity working towards the prevention of teen suicide.  


1. Tang Kai (唐凯)

Nickname: Kai

Country: China  

Association: Dragon Warrior  

Height: 1.77m

Weight Class: Featherweight (66kg)

Age: 21

Record: 8-2

Style: Sanda, Wrestling

Accomplishments: N/A

One of China’s hottest rising stars, Tang Kai began training in wrestling at the age of 13 in 2009 and graduated with wrestling as his major from the sports university in 2015. In that year, he made the switch to training and competing in MMA.

Tang Kai idolises the Brazilian MMA great, Anderson Silva and works hard to be like Silva, equally competent in every martial art style he picks up. While his core discipline is wrestling, Tang Kai loves to use a lot of striking techniques, especially boxing, to defeat his opponent. He trains 6 hours a day, six days every week and his fight against Mark Valerio of the Philippines will be a treat to the senses as both prefer the stand-up approach to their fights.

2. Mark Valerio (马克·瓦莱利奥)

Nickname: The Punisher

Country: Philippines

Association: Engage MMA, Nomad MMA           

Height: 1.75m

Weight Class: Featherweight (66kg)

Age: 30

Record: 2-2

Style: MMA

Accomplishments: SAFC Featherweight Champion         


A late bloomer in the MMA scene, Mark Valerio started training in MMA 3 years ago. He looks to his countryman, Manny Pacquiao, for inspiration and not surprisingly, developed boxing as his core discipline.                            

As a coach, Mark is constantly in tune with the sport of MMA, devoting as much time to training the next generation of Filipino MMA stars as he does to his own training for professional fights. While boxing remains his preference, Mark is equally adept at using his kicks and takedowns to subdue his opponents. His match-up against Tang Kai holds much promise to be a cracker of a showdown.

Highlight 4: LI ZI HAO VS LIU WEI

This special showcase will feature a Chinese practitioner of Wing Chun, Li Zi Hao, pitting his skills and wits against a Chinese practitioner of Muay Thai, Liu Wei. It is set to bring out the best of a well-known Chinese martial art and a famous Thai combat sport.  

1. Li Zi Hao (李子豪)

Nickname: N/A

Country: China

Association: Hua Chuang Hero Club

Height: 1.71m

Weight Class: Featherweight (66kg)

Age: 27

Record: 50-20

Style: Wing Chun, Sanda, Muay Thai, MMA, boxing

Accomplishments: 2013 Wu Lin Feng Champion; 2013 & 2014 Shenzhen Sanda Champion

While Li Zi Hao specialises and competes in many styles of martial arts, he will primarily be utilising his Wing Chun discipline against his Muay Thai opponent, Liu Wei. It will be a mesmerising encounter between the two with Li needing to curb the instincts to use his other martial arts training and rely on Wing Chun to counter and defeat Liu.  

2. Liu Wei (刘威)

Nickname: N/A

Country: China

Association: SZ Flame Muay Thai Club

Height: 1.73m

Weight Class: Featherweight (66kg)

Age: 26

Record: 11 wins

Style: Muay Thai

Accomplishments: Wugang City Thai Boxing Champion (60kg); Shaoguan City Thai Boxing Champion (60kg)

A formidable Muay Thai exponent, Liu Wei will move up from Bantamweight to Featherweight in his much-anticipated bout against Li Zi Hao, who will use his Wing Chun’s skills to counter Liu’s array of Muay Thai strikes, especially his flying knees and crunching elbow blows. It will be a bout that will be talked about in the years to come.


The four top-billed fights mentioned above are just the icing on the cake in what will prove to be a night to remember with six more international quality bouts on 2 September 2017 which will revealed in the coming weeks. Remember to follow REBEL FC for the latest news!

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