REBEL FC 5 – BATTLE ROYALE: QUEST FOR GLORY(胜者为王) - Rebel Fighting Championship

After an exciting bout of REBEL Fighting Championship’s (REBEL FC) 8-Man welterweight (77kg) tournament titled BATTLE ROYALE: ASCENSION (一战成名) on 25 June 2016 at the Qingdao Sports Center, REBEL FC is back with its signature Knockout (KO) Battle Royale tournament. This time, it will be hosted on 12 August 2017 at the posh Kerry Hotel in the upscale Pudong district in Shanghai, China.

Dubbed BATTLE ROYALE: QUEST FOR GLORY (胜者为王), it will be the continuation of the 8-Man welterweight tournament last June. Viewers will be in for a treat as the remaining four warriors battle it out over two semi-finals and the grand final in one night to determine who really is the fittest of them all.


1. Andy Wang

Nickname: N/A 

Country: China

Association: Grappling Unlimited

Height: 1.68m

Weight Class: Welterweight (77kg)

Age: 40

Record: 10-8

Style: Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Accomplishments: N/A


The first Chinese MMA athlete to appear on the UFC produced series, The Ultimate Fighter (TUF): Season 5, in 2007, Wang is known for his flamboyant personality and bizarre fighting tactics. He was notable in TUF for sticking to a stand-up game despite being a black belter in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. His unorthodox approach to MMA did not endear him to the UFC and he left to fight in other promotions around the world, which took him from Japan to China and Singapore.

Alternating between competing in tournaments and training other MMA fighters, Andy is once again ready to take to the cage. Which Andy will turn up, the one who sticks to his core strength, or the one who goes for something unexpected? BATTLE ROYALE: QUEST FOR GLORY has the answer!

2. Makoto Maeda

Nickname: Chomolungma ½

Country: Japan

Association: MMA Jam Fukui / Shooto Sotokai Mimura

Height: 1.76m

Weight Class: Welterweight (77kg)

Age: 40

Record: 7-6

Style: Striking  

Accomplishments: WARDOG Welterweight Champion, 2008 SHOOTO Rookie of the Year (84kg)

A first-degree black belt in kyokushin karate, Maeda likes to rain a barrage of punches and kicks on his opponents before they can react. While his fellow contestant Andy Wang is a grappling specialist, the latter oddly prefers a stand-up game and this suits Maeda just fine and he is raring to trade blows with Wang and see who is the last man standing.

Maeda draws inspiration from his compatriot, Takanori Gomi, one of Asia’s greatest MMA exponents. Although Maeda loves overpowering his rivals with powerful straight punches and a blur of high kicks, he is no slouch on the ground, usually applying the arm triangle choke to knock the wind out of them. He is stacked in the academic department, graduating from the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology with a degree in Information Engineering and Electrical Engineering.               


1. Adriano Balby

Nickname: N/A

Country: Brazil

Association: Balby Team/Squad MMA

Height: 1.74m

Weight Class: Welterweight (77kg)

Age: 37

Record: 13-3

Style: Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Boxing

Accomplishments: N/A

Balby leads a very colourful life. When he was young, he felt restless and decided to pick up martial arts as a form of exercise and also for self-defence. Later, he attained professional certifications for data processing and physical education but decided to work as a forklift operator. However, the love for martial arts proved too strong and Balby decided to become a professional in the MMA circuit. This time, he will be taking on David Hulett of the United States of America for the right to compete in the grand final of the welterweight championship.

As someone who idolises boxing legend Mike Tyson and the MMA great, fellow Brazilian Antonio "Minotauro" Nogueira as well as goes through a punishing routine of 7 hours of physical training, 9 hours of MMA and 16 hours of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu every week, Balby’s match-up against the equally formidable Hulett will be a spectacular treat for every MMA fan.


2. David Hulett (大卫·休利特)

Nickname: Hollywood

Country: United States of America 

Association: Throwdown Training Center

Height: 1.78m

Weight Class: Welterweight (77kg)

Age: 37

Record: 22-10

Style: Grappling 

Accomplishments: K.OZ Bragging rights WW Champion (Australia); Cage sport WW Champion; Underground Fight Club Middleweight Champion (USA)  

After a TKO win in round 2 over compatriot James Chaney (詹姆斯·钱尼) in last year’s welterweight quarter-finals, David "Hollywood" Hulett aims to go one better in this year’s tournament by winning the welterweight championship. He was born to fight. Obsessed with martial arts since the tender age of 12-years-old and a double-major degree holder in broadcast journalism and philosophy, Hulett taps onto the philosophical side of himself when he views MMA as an avenue to grow mentally, spiritually and physically as a person and warrior.  

Hulett looks up to the legendary exponents of the martial arts such as Bas Rutten, Sakuraba, the Diaz Brothers, BJ Penn, Genki Sudo and Gene LeBell for inspiration everytime he trains for a fight or to keep in shape. His favourite grappling technique is the Vaporizer leglock pioneered by American BJJ star, Eddie Bravo. Hulett's standup knockout technique of choice is the liver shot.


Fight Night on 12 August 2017 will not only serve up the thrilling welterweight semi-finals and grand final but also an interim featherweight title fight between two skilled grapplers. They will duke it out for the REBEL FC interim featherweight championship in which the winner will get the bragging rights to take on REBEL FC featherweight champion Kleber Koike of Brazil in a future REBEL FC featherweight title fight.

1. Rodolfo Marques Diniz (鲁道夫•马奎兹•迪尼兹)

Nickname: The Nightmare

Country: Brazil  

Association: Westside MMA/Nova Uniao Australia

Height: 1.71m

Weight Class: Featherweight (66kg)

Age: 33

Record: 23-9

Style: Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Wrestling

Accomplishments: XFX Australia Featherweight Champion


Rodolfo Marques Diniz is powerfully built. With a base in wrestling, he revels in a good back suplex before slamming his opponent onto the ground. On top of that, he is skilled in BJJ, boxing and Muay Thai. If he isn’t laying the smackdown on his fellow challengers, he will be giving them a flurry of punch combos before ending it with a spinning back kick or submitting them with a flying armbar.

Rodolfo saw first-hand last year in a non-title featherweight fight in REBEL FC 4: Battle Royale Ascension how his countryman Kleber Koike took out his American opponent, George Hickman (乔治•希克曼) by tripping him, who was choking Kleber from behind, and then moving into position to apply a triangle choke on Hickman to end the bout in the 3rd round. It was like a move out of an action film. However, Nagakura Tatsunao stands in Rodolfo’s way in his quest for the interim featherweight championship fight in which the victor will get to take on REBEL FC’s reigning featherweight champion Kleber. 


2. Nagakura Tatsunao (長倉立尚)

Nickname: N/A

Country: Japan

Association: Yoshida Dojo         

Height: 1.71m

Weight Class: Featherweight (66kg)

Age: 33

Record: 12-6

Style: MMA

Accomplishments: DEEP Future King Tournament

Tatsunao is relishing the opportunity to pit his skill against Rodolfo in REBEL FC’s interim featherweight championship fight. He started training in MMA since he was 23 years old after watching PRIDE and strives in competitive environment and he is very much looking forward to challenging Rodolfo, whom he regards as an all-rounded fighter, for the interim featherweight title.

Tatsunao cites Japanese MMA great Tsuyoshi “TK” Kosaka as a major influence on his fighting style – proficiency in striking, wrestling and grappling. A holder of a degree in Economy and Service Management, he worked for a travel agency before setting up a financial consulting company which he runs concurrently with his participation in professional fights. Up against wresting and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu specialist Rodolfo, Tatsunao needs to pull out all the stops in his arsenal to bring the interim featherweight title into his grasp, be it applying his favourite guillotine choke or raining a series of powerful punches to vanquish his opponent.  



This match will see a promising MMA China talent take on a colourful character from Pakistan. Niu Kang Kang is soft-spoken while Uloomi Karim is known for his snappy wisecracks and this contrast of personalities make for great viewing with its unpredictability. Will Niu show his true self when it really matters and will Uloomi be able to walk the talk?

1. Niu Kang Kang (牛康康)

Nickname: N/A

Country: China

Association: Dragon Warrior

Height: 1.72m

Weight Class: Bantamweight (61kg)

Age: 21

Record: 3-1

Style: Sanda

Accomplishments: N/A

Although he is relatively young in comparison to most professional MMA fighters, Niu has substantial combat sport experience. He trained in sanda for 4 years before moving on to boxing and had three professional boxing fights. He switched to MMA two years ago and also works as a trainer at Dragon Warrior gym teaching children. Niu enjoys the adrenaline that comes with the sport and looks up to his cousin Alex Niu, who is his coach.

Niu is honoured to be competing in REBEL FC’s fight night as it is his first international event as well as being among Battle Royale welterweight competitors and other world class MMA fighters. He is definitely motivated to raise his game, especially when he is up against the aggressive and over-the-top Uloomi Karim from Pakistan.


2. Uloomi Karim

Nickname: Kratos

Country: Pakistan

Association: Fight Fortress Islamabad

Height: 1.7m

Weight Class: Bantamweight (61kg)

Age: 26

Record: 6-3

Style: MMA

Accomplishments: UGB-MMA Bantamweight Champion, VCL Lightweight Champion


The first martial art Uloomi learnt was wushu at the age of 9 in his hometown in Gilgit, Pakistan. When he moved to the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad for higher education, his brothers enrolled him in a taekwondo camp where he trained up to 2008 before switching to MMA. The integration of several styles of martial arts in MMA fascinated Uloomi and he soon made it his career.

While he has a computer science degree from Bahria University Islamabad, Uloomi is firm in his pursuit of MMA as a profession. His never-say-die attitude drives him to seek newer and tougher challenges and this spirit is also reflected in the cage where Uloomi loves to attack his opponent with every conceivable kick, punch, grappling submission and wrestling slam. He also has a softer side. Uloomi is the cofounder of a small initiative called "Feed The World" and "Teach The World", helping people living in the slums on the outskirts of Islamabad.


Aside from the Battle Royale welterweight semi-finals and grand final, interim featherweight title fight and special fight, there will be also four more international quality bouts on 12 August 2017 which will revealed in the coming weeks. Remember to follow REBEL FC for the latest news!