BATTLE ROYALE ASCENSION IS BACK - Rebel Fighting Championship
An explosive 8-Man Welterweight (77kg) Tournament (Quarter-Finals), REBEL FC 4: Battle Royale Ascension follows REBEL FC’s successful knockout tournament format first introduced in REBEL FC 2: Battle Royale on 1 August 2014,  an  8-Man featherweight tournament which started off with the quarter-finals in Singapore and climaxed in REBEL FC 3: The Promised Ones in Qingdao on 27 June 2015. 
Now, the tournament format is back in Qingdao on 25 June 2016 at the Qingdao Sports Center to thrill audiences again!  Among the tournament heavyweights are Song Ke Nan of China, Gerhard Voight and Luke Jumeau of New Zealand, David Hulett of the United States of America, Japanese Kazuma Maruyama and Yuki Suzuki and Askar Mozharov of Ukraine. 
Apart from the 77kg tournament, REBEL FC featherweight champion Kleber Koike from Brazil is back to excite audiences in a non-title fight against George Hickman of the United States of America.