Fight For Honour - Rebel Fighting Championship

29th April 2018

Shanghai, Pudong, Kerry hotel


Sunday, 29 April 2018, 7PM

Shanghai, Pudong, Kerry Hotel

REBEL FC 7 – FIGHT FOR HONOUR on 29 April 2018 at the Kerry Hotel in Pudong, Shanghai is not only a treat for MMA fans with its two high tension title fights – Rodolfo Marques Diniz (Australia) VS Kazumasa Majima (Japan) for the Featherweight (66kg) championship belt and Ayideng Jumayi (China) VS Shuhei Sakano (Japan) for the Bantamweight (61kg) championship belt – and two explosive main fights – Mario Sismundo (Philippines) VS Tang Kai (China) and Carlo Laurel (Philippines) VS Liu Lianjie (China) – but an extensive showcase of pure MMA action with six more international level fights boasting top drawer fighters from China, Brazil, Ukraine and the United Kingdom. 

We now present to you the gladiators of the six world-class fights!

The Full Fight Card Details for Fight for Honour

1. International Fight 1 – Featherweight (66kg) Division: Han Guojun (China) VS Yu Lei (China)

2. International Fight 2 – Light Heavyweight (93kg) Division: Konstantin Andreitsev (Russia) VS Matheus “Buffa” Scheffel (Brazil)

3. Main Fight 1 – Featherweight (66kg) Division: Tang Kai (China) VS Mario Sismundo (Philippines)

4. International Fight 3 – Featherweight (66kg) Division: Igor Grytskiv (Ukraine) VS Mehmosh Raza (United Kingdom)

5. Main Fight 2 – Bantamweight (61kg) Division: Liu Lianjie (China) VS Carlo Laurel (Philippines)

6. International Fight 4 – Lightweight (70kg) Division: Anton Radko (Ukraine) VS Marcio Andrade (Brazil)

7. International Fight 5 – Featherweight (66kg) Division: Dmytro Predebaylo (Ukraine) VS Lu Zhenhong (China)

8. International Fight 6 – Welterweight (77kg) Division: Akihiro Gono (Japan) VS Adriano Balby (Brazil)

9. Co-Main Event – Featherweight (66kg) Division Title Fight: Kazumasa Majima (Japan) VS Rodolfo Marques Diniz (Brazil)

10. Main Event – Bantamweight (61kg) Division Title Fight: Ayideng Jumayi (China) VS Shuhei Sakano (Japan)                                                                                                        

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