China VS The World - Rebel Fighting Championship

2th September 2017

Shenzhen Stadium, Shenzhen


CHINA VS THE WORLD - The Best of China Meet the Cream of the International Crop!

Saturday, 2 September 2017, 7PM

Shenzhen Stadium, Shenzhen, China

From the birthplace of martial arts and a culture that emphasises mental discipline and physical fitness, Rebel Fighting Championship (REBEL FC) will be presenting REBEL FC 6: China VS The World at the Shenzhen Stadium (深圳体育管) in Guangdong province on Saturday, 2 September 2017.

Boasting three of the top talents in the country - Liu Wen Bo, 刘文擘, (Legend FC Middleweight [84kg] Champion); Ayideng Jumayi, 阿依登·居马依, (WMMAF China champion and ranked Number 1 in the 61kg and 66kg weight classes in China) and Tang Kai, 唐凯, an explosive young talent – REBEL FC will pit them against the cream of the crop from United States of America, Australia and the Philippines. One of these China vs The World match-ups will be the main draw of the evening – Ayideng Jumayi versus Chris Morris of Australia. They will slug it out for REBEL FC’s Bantamweight title.

Aside from the three China MMA headliners, there will be also a special match between a Wing Chun fighter, Li Zi Hao 李子豪, and a Muay Thai expert Liu Wei 刘威. This clash of styles will be a thrilling spectacle for the viewers as well as provide many talking points for them about which martial art is the best.

The highlights of China Versus the World are:

- Liu Wenbo (China) vs Shannon Ritch (United States of America); Light Heavyweight (93kg)

- Ayideng Jumayi (China) vs Chris Morris (Australia) – Bantamweight (61kg) Title Fight

- Tang Kai (China) vs Mark Valerio (Philippines) – Featherweight (66kg)

- Wing Chun vs Muay Thai special showcase

Apart from the key fights mentioned above, there will be SIX other world-class bouts on the night of 2 September 2017, making China Versus the World a memorable occasion for all.


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